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Theses Supervised

Students supervised:


Students  Dissertation Subject & Date of Completion

Hassan Mostafaei 

Study of a nonlinear foundation considering contacting wedges in concrete dams (Dce.2020)

Hassan Zibasokhan Experimental and Analytical Investigation of a New Pure Bending Yielding Damper for Concentrically Braced Frames (Spring 2019)- Abstract
Vafa Morsali Seismic damage based design of steel moment frames (Spring 2019)- Abstract
A. Mozahheb Testing of a new elastomeric – sliding base isolation system (Winter 2018) - Abstract
R.Moradi A Comprehensive mechanical model for evaluation of seismic behavior of flexible cylindrical concrete tanks (Winter2018)- Abstract
Hadi  Sayyadpour Application of the Cell Method in the Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis of Tall Buildings. (Winter 2016)  
Ali Jahangiri  An Innovative Post-tensioned Steel Connection Using FEM Analysis and Prototype Test (Fall 2015)
M. Javaheri Experimental Evaluation of the Light Steel Frame Structures (Summer  2013)
F. Berahman Development of Probabilistic Vulnerability Functions for Damage Level Estimation of Refinery Facilities against Different Earthquake Scenarios (September  2006). 



Thesis Subject 

Ali HosseiniRad

Performance design of structures based on damage (Oct.2020)

Mohammad Ataei (Common student)

Analytical study of a proposed grooved gusset plate damper for X braces (Dce.2020)

MohammadAli Moghim 

Spectrum Analysis of Structures under Vibrations Due to Passing of Underground Trains on Curved Track (Aug.2020)

Afsaneh Khosravi

Seismic Analysis and Design of Perforated Steel Shear Walls (Sep.2020)

Sara KhanModarres

Using the middle connectionplate of the concentric braces as a seismic fuse (Sep.2020)

Yousof MesrHabibi

Collapse Analysis of Torsional Moment Frame Structures Against Earthquake (Dce.2020)

M. Fazilinezhad Comparison of the seismic safety provided by the recent editions of ACI code based on FEMA P695 methodology (Fall 2015)
M. Poormasoud A New Detail for Rubber Bearings in Seismic Isolated Structures (Fall 2014)
B. Tavakkoli Determining the Shear Distribution Pattern for the Nonlinear Static Analysis Based on Story Shear (Fall 2014)
S. Hagholahi The Collapse Prevention Performance Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structures Considering Soil–Structure Interaction (Fall 2014)
A. Bani Sheikhol Eslami Reduction of Dynamic Response of Steel Frames by Use of Moment Connections Equipped with Viscoelastic Dampers with Steel Cores (Fall 2014)
M. Yazdabad Fragility Curves  For Cylindrical Concrete Storage Tanks (Summer 2014)
I. Najjarzadegan  Developing and Assessing the Simultaneous Analysis and Testing Method for Enhancing the Accuracy of Dynamic Response of Structures (Summer 2014)
E. Soleimani
B. Motamedi
M. Nooraei
M. Ghandil
S. Dorafshan
M. Salimi
Optimization of MRF RC Structures Based on Minimizing the Damage Index Using the Genetic Algorithm (Summer 2011).
H. Ziba Sokhan
M. Omidi
A. Soltani
R. Nikbakht
R. Shah Gholian
A. Sahraei
M. Afshari
M. Saberi
H. Rafi zadeh Nasrabadi
H. Abbasi Farfani
A. Moghtaderi Esfahani
S. Ghaedamini
A. Bakhtiar Nasrabadi
R. Artoonian
M. Hadi
A. Mohammadi farsani
A. Rajabipour
H. Kermani
A.H. Babaei
A. Shojaei
Seismic design of steel moment frames based on uniform distribution of ductility demand (October 2006).
S.M. Eftekhari
A. Khamesipour
E. Fazeli
A. Ghotbizadeh
A. Asghari
A. Eslami Baroogh
Nonlinear modeling of infill walls and evaluation of their effects on moment frames in earthquake (October 2005)
A. Bahmanzad
M. Fasehian
A. Taheri
S.A. Mirbabaei
M. Eydini nejad
M. Dehghan Menshadi
A. Ramezankhani
B. Modonpour
A. Nefrieh
S. Sh. Eslami
M. Biabannavard
H. Azad
R. Raoufi
N. Afshar
A. Varasteh
M. Yaseri
Optimizing the simultaneous use of dynamic actuators and shaking table (the hybrid shake table test) (January 2002).
V. Sharif
M. Roosefid
A.H. Mohajeri



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