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Theses Under Supervision


Thesis Subject
Saeid Arman

enhancing ductility of cross brace frame using steel tube rings as Seismic fuses

Hossein Haji-Mehrabi

Development of Fragility Curve for Concrete Cylindrical Water Storage Baffled Tanks

Pouria Sheikh Bahaei

Dynamic Response of Cylindrical Water Storage Tanks Made by Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) Compared with Normal Concrete

M. Dallalbashi

Study of Reinforced Concrete Beam- Column Joints under Cyclic loading

AmirHossein EbrahimZadeh Esfahani

Selection and scaling earthquake records with less scattering in result


MohammadReza GolMohammadi

Active controlof structures against earthquakes based on damage index

MohammadAli Moghim

Spectrum Analysis of Structures under Vibrations Due to Passing of Underground Trains on Curved Track

Maziar Panahi

Cyclic Nonlinear Analysis of Precast Concrete Structures with Steel Plate Shear Walls


Dissertation Subject
Akbar Makhdoumi  
Hassan Mostafaei

Study of a nonlinear foundation considering contacting wedges in concrete dams

H. Zibasokhan

Testing of a bending seismic fuse in diagonal steel braces


A. Mozahheb

 Testing of a new elastomeric – sliding base isolation system


A. Pezeshki
Development of the optimum seismic design method of structures based on damage.


A Comprehensive mechanical model for evaluation of seismic behavior of flexible cylindrical concrete tanks


V. Morsali   
Seismic Design Based on Damage Control.


G. Bagheri          Seismic Parameters in T Resistance Frame (TRF)
A. Sabzevari

Seismic damage spectrum analysis of urban areas

M. Shanesaz Experimental study of precast moment resisting RC connections