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Theses Under Supervision


Students Thesis Subject
Mehdi Ghandil (Advisor) A viscoplastic steel damper for ductile concentric braced frames
Zahra Keshavarz Performance based design
Jaber Koopaei Analytical and laboratory study of prefabricated concrete system with steel shear walls
Hassan Saadatmand Behavior of coupling beam
M.A. Albakkar Seismic fuse in brace
Morteza Ansari Fragility Curves of Soil-Structure Interaction Systems
Nasrin Sohankar Seismic Design Based on Damage
Amir Hossein Mehrbod Seismic Fragility Curves of Stone and Masonry Structures
Mehdi Farazmand Soil-Structure Interaction and Uplift Analysis
Ahmad Bakhtiar Probabilistic Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction and Uplift
G. Bagheri Seismic Parameters in T Resistance Frame (TRF)



Students Thesis Subject
Mojtaba Alaei (Common student)

Seismic behavior of cylindrical ground tanks with fixed roof having an elastic baffle system

Alireza Ahmadi Seismic fuses of steel buildings
Alireza Mohammadi Seismic design based on ductility
Alireza Hadian A nonlinear criterion for importance of interaction with pile foundations



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